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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Updated January 1st 2022

Starting August 1st, 2021, Azul Pacifico will be operating all tours in the countries of Mexico and Panama. The United States are currently in the process of welcoming back visitors. We are for the moment, planning tours for the southwest part of the United States.

We have redefined how we can explore all these beautiful countries again, based on:

  • guidance from leading experts, including the CDC and WHO
  • in discussions with Tour partners
  • with feedback from of our guests

We have implemented Health and safety protocols, which may vary depending on where you travel. Azul Pacifico and our suppliers are committed to following local rules and requirements. Consistent with recently updated CDC guidelines, all Azul Pacifico guests must be fully vaccinated and have received a negative PCR COVID-19 test within 72 hours of departure for their journey.

We’ll continue to add tours, departure dates and destinations as we evaluate travel requirements and last but not least enjoy no exchange fees and flexible payment policy on any tour you book. Go ahead and plan your trip with confidence, before all the best dates are taken.


Our story began with Ocean Adventures. A company we consider the starting point for our love of the sea and the commitment we embody to make adventures on the sea available for everyone.

We later on expanded our tours on land as well, because we realized how unique and rare the combination was. The journey we undertook these last ten years, shaped us into the deeply dedicated team of people we are today. A team of people set on creating for you the experience of a lifetime.

We reach out to those who wish to go on the road less travelled by, because we know it truly makes all the difference.


All of our Land and Sea tours are like bricks that you can assemble any way you want depending on what you wish to see and experience and how long you want to stay . Look through all of our tours on our site and see what speaks to you.
Look and choose

Choose any Land and/or Sea tours that you wish to do. We encourage you to choose a combination of Land and Sea tours, to have the most complete experience possible. If you are unsure of what to choose, contact us so we can have a discussion and suggest some possibilities based on your general interests. Contact us through email or by telephone, detailing to us your choices. You also can use our travel request form to get in contact with us

Reach out – We design

We will then craft a day-by-day detailed plan depending on the duration of your stay and according to everything that you wish to visit.

Confirm and travel

Once our proposition sounds perfect to you, you will have to confirm it and we will then book everything for you. The only thing left for you to do will be to travel and enjoy.


The active wild side of Mexico

Discover the lesser known sides of Mexico.
Combination chosen by A. K . ( Feb. 2020 )

Dessert and Ocean together

Legendary Red Arizona Dust meets cool Pacific Ocean breez.
Combination chosen by C. S. (Jul-Aug. 2019)

Mexico at its best

Culture and beaches in Mexico’s best places.
Combination chosen by A . M. ( May 2018 )




I have been working in international tourism for over 10 years, organizing trips on all continents. In 2019 I managed my first travel group to Mexico so I decided to contact my friend Jon Hoffmann who was living there and organizing tailor-made trips for small groups in the country. read more

Radu, Brasov Romania on Travel in May 2019 with Mexico combination tour: Chiapas, Yucatan and Central Mexico

Aram und Tatia

Aram und Tatia

Unsere Individualreise nach Chiapas und Yucatan in 2018 und im Folgejahr nach Mexico Central, Baja California und Vallarta Bay war eine unserer schönsten Reisen, die wir bisher gemacht haben. read more

Aram und Tatia, Dortmund, Germany on Travel in May 2018 with Mexico Combination tours : Chiapas and Yucatan , and in March 2019 : Baja California , Barranca del Cobre and Vallarta Bay

Alex und Astrid

Alex und Astrid

Unsere Mexicoreise war an Erlebnisreichtum und Individualität nicht zu übertreffen! An jedem Tag waren wir wieder und wieder überrascht von Land und Leuten. Trotzdem hat immer alles so reibungslos geklappt, dass wir unsere Urlaubszeit in vollen Zügen genießen konnten.
read more

Alex und Astrid , Regensburg, Germany on Travel in Feb-Mar 2020 with Mexico combination tour : Chiapas, Yucatan and Vallarta Bay

Roxanne und Serge

Roxanne und Serge

Un très beau voyage dans un pays qu’on connaissait pas: le Mexique. Ne parlant pas l’espagnol et étant donné l’immensité du pays nous avons fait appel à une agence locale: Azul Pacifico. read more

Roxanne und Serge, Paris France on Travel in July 2019 with Mexico combination tour: Chiapas, Yucatan and Central Mexico

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