Our Sea Tours started over 15 years ago with Ocean Adventures, an ASA certified company. Whether you wish to discover the sea or get to know it better, whether you wish to hone your craft of sailing or simply want to have a holiday on beautiful waters, you have come to the right place.

We take you to West coast of Mexico, in the richest, most extraordinary sea wildlife ecosystems of the world: The Sea of Cortez. Enjoying a cool ocean breeze after a long hot day, discovering hidden beaches, snorkelling, visiting beautiful bays free of civilisation, diving for beginners and advanced alike, fishing in the ocean…the Sea can offer something for everyone. But…for those of you who wish to experience the closest thing to a magic world, we recommend the South Pacific Tuamotus Coral Atolls, so you can see what it feels like to live in a dream you never want to wake up from .

The following Sea tours we have developed, grant you the opportunity to understand and experience the infinite fascination sailors have for the Sea.



Canyons and Arches

The classical Western road trip where unimaginable geological landscapes meet 200-year-old History.

Pacific Coast Highway

Travel through classical American movies.


Ocean Adventures

For those who wish to enforce their sailing knowledge by specific trainings, passages to remote islands in Pacific and Caribbean Waters, offshore diving and sailing you may be infinitely better deserved by our sister Company Ocean Adventures .

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